End of the Year 2015 Website Update

Apologize for the late updates guys but things have been extremely busy here on my end. Where do I start? Midyear I was hired at another job and it’s been taking up most of my time especially when it comes to blogging and keeping the website updated. This is is extremely stressful but is working out great. As I get the hang of it it will start to improve. As if writing this now I am going to have to go to bed soon as it’s late Sunday evening but I wanted to write this post because I want my readers to know what I have been up too.

I’ve also had plumbing issues at my house. Another homeowners nightmare. Apparently I’ve had pipe issues below my foundation which caused major issues above ground. So I was able to get it fixed and taken care of with a reputable company. I want to thank the plumbing ranker experts for their time and energy into helping me find the perfect plumber for my situation.

I will continue to update my blog as time becomes more free during the upcoming months. For any questions please contact me today. I also have set up a youtube channel which I have videos I’ve recorded to add to my blog on here. Ill upload those asap for you.

And finally for those who are seeking advertising rates for my blog contact me today. I have slots up for 2016 so first come first serve.

A Supplement Company For Dogs with Integrity.

In today’s article on highlighted business online sellers strictly to pet owners, well let’s be even more specific, they sell at market directly to bully breed owners. Bully breed dogs are pit bulls, American bullies, French bullies and pocket pit bulls. We want to welcome Stan Smith of muscle only to our website and congratulate him on the success he’s been having with this product. “we got tired of other supplement companies claiming false claims on their labels misguiding people and incorrectly giving them false information on building muscle on their dogs” says Stan. hard work, nutrition and genetic big role in your dog’s physique. What we came in the business to do was to build a better product with better ingredients without the false claims such as other companies do. Muscle Bully™ is a all natural help supplement company for dogs.

Our products are completely safe and don’t cause side effects. We advise all of our customers and potential customers of the product to read our labels research our ingredients and see what’s inside our product. No fillers or fluff that do nothing for your dog. Muscle blue supplements are designed to increase strength, build muscle and create a healthy overall dog. We can say that about our products because we have ingredients that can backup our claims. Currently we have four products in production, VitaBully, weight gainer, muscle builder and creatine for dogs.

For more information check out MuscleBully.com their website contains a lot of great information on their blog with tons of articles and helpful tips to help grow your dog’s muscles and their maintain an overall health.

Dallas Moving Companies: Any Recommendations?

I need help! Someone please help. I am looking for a moving company in Texas. Particularly the north Texas, Dallas/Ft Worth area. I am moving from Dallas to Austin. I’ve lived here my entire life. But now that Im getting older I want to live closer to my family where I was raised in Austin. It’s been fun here. The things to do in Dallas are great. This city is huge and I will forever be a Dallas Cowboys fan but the time has come to move on. I have a lot of stuff. That’s the problem. To much stuff. Im a pack rat.

Yea I should get rid of things but I can’t. Which is a whole other story (and problem) . I am in the process of seeking out the best moving company who I can rely on to help me move my things. I’ve heard some bad horror stories online from customers who have had bad experiences using moving companies. So Im on the hunt to find a reputable company to help. I know this process is hard. At least the moving part. It would be a lot easier just to sell my things here and start over but I can’t. One company I found was on www.allchoicemovers.com which shows some moving companies in Dallas.

My things have to many memories and stories.  For anyone in Dallas that has hired a moving company before and worked out great please contact me. I found 4 companies that I called and seemed great but I wanted to ask everyone online for help. Please contact me asap. I need a moving company who can is legit, experienced and has patients. I don’t want my things thrown around and broken.

How are you Marketing Your MLM Products Online?

MLM is a competitive market. Many people look down upon it. Saying MLM is nothing but a pyramid scam. Very untrue. I am not apart of any MLM program however I did read a great book from a top performer at one. The book he writes goes over detail on why some people fail and succeed at it. It has nothing to do with the actually company. While there are a few bad MLM companies, not all are bad. You can say the same with people. There are a few bad apples but for the most part, a majority of people aren’t looking to rip you off.


Another reason he says that people bad mouth MLM is because the people that do join then don’t make any money were lied to in the beginning. They were lead on by false impression that it’s easy! Just put in a few hours of work and you’ll be on your way to 10,000 a month! Then the  people see that real hard work was involved then give up a few months later. Then go to bad mouth multi-level marketing companies saying it’s a scam.

I ran across an mlm seo company that offers great tips on marketing. Create a personal brand and speak from yourself. What he means by that is use your own personality. It’s a great selling tactic and story that people love to hear. Also interact with your people and social networks. Don’t ignore them. John, the owner of MLMRankers says that also owning your own website helps. Consider getting your website ranked high in search engines like Google. The higher you rank the better chance of someone clicking on your link then buying from you. For more info check out the website mlmrankers.com

Dallas Texas Painting Contractors That Get The Job Done.

dallaspaintersPainting Contractors are a dime a dozen. While finding them isn’t the problem, finding a company who can get it done right the first time without any error and a company who you can trust is a big deal. In this article I will go over with you where and how to find the best dallas painting contractors to paint your house.

First make sure the Dallas painting contractors is easy to contact. Do they have a listed phone number? Also check them out online. Read reviews from others who have said they’ve used them. However be wary of all reviews. Some can be manipulated. Angie’s List however can’t be edited so they are actually real customers.

Also ask for referrals. Very important. Who has this company used before? Get phone numbers, photos, name and addresses of past clients of theirs. Don’t be afraid to contact them and ask them about the company who you are consider hiring. Its your house. You want the job done right so there is nothing wrong with this. Here’s a great example of one www.campospainting911.com

Do they offer a strong guarantee? This isn’t recommended but it is a plus. What if the job doesn’t come out right? Will they re-paint your house over at no cost? Or fix the problem areas of the house so it will look right.

Painting Contractors aren’t hard to find or work with. Use this article to help you decide and select the best one so you job will come out perfect.

Where Dallas Goes To Print

While there are tons of local printers in Dallas I happen to find one that I fell in love with. The service, pricing and overall quality of the print they did for me was awesome! Just last week I had to print some business flyers and poster for my business. I didn’t want to use VistaPrint or any cheap service like that. At least that’s how I feel about them. I wanted to speak with some in person. Not just on the phone.

Anyway after searching online for companies that do printing all over Dallas and even Fort Worth I found a company called DallasPrintHQ.com – A locally based printer that I just happen to call. The receptionist was friendly and nice. She knew what I need and directed me to the right person who could answer my question about pricing.

Normally printing customer service reps are assholes. They treat you like a number. you go in one door out the other just keep it moving… I’ve dealt with others like that. Anyway these printing service Dallas guys were great. I was able to get my print job back fast. They are located in Downtown Dallas. The salesman actually showed me around the place. They not only print flyers but also brochures printing dallas, banners and business cards. I couldn’t recommend these local print guys anymore. If you ever need a printer. Check them out.

There website is www.DallasPrintHQ.com – there phone number is listed on top. There website doesn’t state much on pricing but they do list services they offer. Joe the sales rep I spoke told me they’ve been in business for 10 years in Dallas. WOW. I had never heard of you guys I told him. But I’m glad I did find you.

Joe told me something that pushed me over the edge on forever using them. While many printers charge to deliver your print job they didn’t! they offered free delivery to any business around the Dallas Fort Worth area.

Be sure to mention Steve sent you. And ask for Joe. They guy will bend over backwards for his customers.




Dallas Texas Mixtape Designers

Whats up guys. In this post I’m going to go over a few mixtape designers who can definitely help you design a cover. One city I get asked alot in is in Dallas, TX. There are tons of rappers and artists located here. We get contacted just about every day  from people living there. The music scene is huge there. Here are few popular mixtape cover designers you might want to check out. Nonstop graphics is one and mixtape cover designers is another.

Make sure your mixtape cover designer is easy to contact. Never hire a designer who just uses email as a means of communication. You want a designer who has there phone number listed so you can contact them easy. There could be a time when you need to make a change or edit on your project. Lets say your tracklisting changes and you need to edit it. Your going release the project tomorrow and you need this edit done asap. The designer only has email. That’s the only way to contact him. Can you see why contacting him by phone is faster and more important.

Also make sure your designer offers a money back guarantee.  This is like insurance. It ensures you will love the design they make you and if they don’t make you something good, you can at least get your money back.

Learn To Make Mixtape Covers



I’ve always been a fan of this mixtape cover. From the falling fire, to the flock of birds flying in the background the overall placement of the graphics. Wow.  A great mixtape cover to learn from for those wanting to learn. How would you like to learn how to make a mixtape cover? I ran across this website that teaches people how to make mixtape covers. There are tons of new designers that want to learn more. This website is a good place to start. I ran across it online. They are mix tape designers that create covers. They are real talented too. I’ve seen tons of their work on sites like DatPiff and Live Mixtape.


Check them out. They are called mixtape masters. If your a rapper wanting to learn to make your own mixtape covers in Photoshop. This website is for you. He’ll teach you how to use all the tools and filters to make the latest effects.  From what he says making covers isn’t hard. It’s just about knowing what to use. Seems interesting. My favorite Photoshop effects are the fire, smoking and realistic effects they add. They make the design look really well. They also give out free psds. Another popular effect that people love including me that I want to learn is how to make the cartoon effect.  I’d hope they teach people how to make these.  Anyway, Ill be posting more covers soon for you to check out. Enjoy.


I plan on joining the website also. Learning these effects are very popular and I’d love to start making my own graphics. I have Photoshop installed on my computer so I figure I can give it a crack.  Im going to be posting 4 super hot covers I ran across today. When I say hot they are super hot!

The Art of War Mixtape Cover

Hot mixtape cover

Damn, check out this hot mixtape cover I ran across. Great design! DJ Drama’s artwork always seems on point. Great color blending, font selection looks well placed, shadows look great and most importantly the images and artists’ are well proportioned. Love the explosion around the lettering on “The Art of War”. The chess board looks well placed. But overall a hot design. What do you think?