End of the Year 2015 Website Update

Apologize for the late updates guys but things have been extremely busy here on my end. Where do I start? Midyear I was hired at another job and it’s been taking up most of my time especially when it comes to blogging and keeping the website updated. This is is extremely stressful but is working out great. As I get the hang of it it will start to improve. As if writing this now I am going to have to go to bed soon as it’s late Sunday evening but I wanted to write this post because I want my readers to know what I have been up too.

I’ve also had plumbing issues at my house. Another homeowners nightmare. Apparently I’ve had pipe issues below my foundation which caused major issues above ground. So I was able to get it fixed and taken care of with a reputable company. I want to thank the plumbing ranker experts for their time and energy into helping me find the perfect plumber for my situation.

I will continue to update my blog as time becomes more free during the upcoming months. For any questions please contact me today. I also have set up a youtube channel which I have videos I’ve recorded to add to my blog on here. Ill upload those asap for you.

And finally for those who are seeking advertising rates for my blog contact me today. I have slots up for 2016 so first come first serve.