Dallas Texas Mixtape Designers

Whats up guys. In this post I’m going to go over a few mixtape designers who can definitely help you design a cover. One city I get asked alot in is in Dallas, TX. There are tons of rappers and artists located here. We get contacted just about every day ¬†from people living there. The music scene is huge there. Here are few popular mixtape cover designers you might want to check out. Nonstop graphics is one and mixtape cover designers is another.

Make sure your mixtape cover designer is easy to contact. Never hire a designer who just uses email as a means of communication. You want a designer who has there phone number listed so you can contact them easy. There could be a time when you need to make a change or edit on your project. Lets say your tracklisting changes and you need to edit it. Your going release the project tomorrow and you need this edit done asap. The designer only has email. That’s the only way to contact him. Can you see why contacting him by phone is faster and more important.

Also make sure your designer offers a money back guarantee. ¬†This is like insurance. It ensures you will love the design they make you and if they don’t make you something good, you can at least get your money back.