Dallas Moving Companies: Any Recommendations?

I need help! Someone please help. I am looking for a moving company in Texas. Particularly the north Texas, Dallas/Ft Worth area. I am moving from Dallas to Austin. I’ve lived here my entire life. But now that Im getting older I want to live closer to my family where I was raised in Austin. It’s been fun here. The things to do in Dallas are great. This city is huge and I will forever be a Dallas Cowboys fan but the time has come to move on. I have a lot of stuff. That’s the problem. To much stuff. Im a pack rat.

Yea I should get rid of things but I can’t. Which is a whole other story (and problem) . I am in the process of seeking out the best moving company who I can rely on to help me move my things. I’ve heard some bad horror stories online from customers who have had bad experiences using moving companies. So Im on the hunt to find a reputable company to help. I know this process is hard. At least the moving part. It would be a lot easier just to sell my things here and start over but I can’t. One company I found was on www.allchoicemovers.com which shows some moving companies in Dallas.

My things have to many memories and stories. ¬†For anyone in Dallas that has hired a moving company before and worked out great please contact me. I found 4 companies that I called and seemed great but I wanted to ask everyone online for help. Please contact me asap. I need a moving company who can is legit, experienced and has patients. I don’t want my things thrown around and broken.