Where Dallas Goes To Print

While there are tons of local printers in Dallas I happen to find one that I fell in love with. The service, pricing and overall quality of the print they did for me was awesome! Just last week I had to print some business flyers and poster for my business. I didn’t want to use VistaPrint or any cheap service like that. At least that’s how I feel about them. I wanted to speak with some in person. Not just on the phone.

Anyway after searching online for companies that do printing all over Dallas and even Fort Worth I found a company called DallasPrintHQ.com – A locally based printer that I just happen to call. The receptionist was friendly and nice. She knew what I need and directed me to the right person who could answer my question about pricing.

Normally printing customer service reps are assholes. They treat you like a number. you go in one door out the other just keep it moving… I’ve dealt with others like that. Anyway these printing service Dallas guys were great. I was able to get my print job back fast. They are located in Downtown Dallas. The salesman actually showed me around the place. They not only print flyers but also brochures printing dallas, banners and business cards. I couldn’t recommend these local print guys anymore. If you ever need a printer. Check them out.

There website is www.DallasPrintHQ.com – there phone number is listed on top. There website doesn’t state much on pricing but they do list services they offer. Joe the sales rep I spoke told me they’ve been in business for 10 years in Dallas. WOW. I had never heard of you guys I told him. But I’m glad I did find you.

Joe told me something that pushed me over the edge on forever using them. While many printers charge to deliver your print job they didn’t! they offered free delivery to any business around the Dallas Fort Worth area.

Be sure to mention Steve sent you. And ask for Joe. They guy will bend over backwards for his customers.